So many diets!

I got my copy of todays RunnerConnect newsletter discussing the possible merits of a high fat diet for distance athletes. Read it here if you’re interested. I admit that I really like Jeff Gaudette’s site and the information that he puts out there. One of the things I really like is his ability to draw good conclusions from the data; which, more often than not, is “we need more data”. In this particular instance, there is some data that seems to support the notion of increasing the fat content for some very long distance athletes. But this is not transferrable to all athletes and, in fact, is probably relevant to very few. Since so many people don’t bother to read beyond the headline, I worry that putting information like that out there will induce some to endorse a high fat diet because they are “athletes”, which is exactly the wrong conclusion. But given the amazing amount of conflicting information available and the overall lack of understanding about nutrition, it’s easy to see why everyone is so messed up about choosing what to eat.

Now, of course, it’s almost New Year’s. It’s the craziest time of the year for the diet industry as millions of American’s come to grips with the fact, at least for a week or so, that it’s another year and they’re still fat. So we’ll be bombarded with Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, SlimFast, and all of the other quackery. Millions or even billions of dollars will be spent in a pathetic effort to reduce, while still guzzling gallons of sugary sweet drinks and eating fast food. It’s sad and painful to watch and it’s repeated year after year.

I know that I’m a small voice in a vast wilderness of misinformation and unrealistic promises, but people it isn’t that hard. You just need a grocery store that sells produce. Really. Well, that and you have to quit eating fast food. But really, didn’t anyone see “Super Size Me“? I admit I’m appalled to find that Apple iTunes lists that under “Comedy”. Tragic comedy, perhaps.


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