Is this some form of dementia?

A break from coronavirus and the failure of our governments for today. I’m going to start with an admission. I don’t listen when Donald Trump speaks. I find his voice so grating & so nauseating, his views so absurd and his demeanor so childish that I just automatically tune my good ear out. But yesterday, Dearest Chloe let this clip play a little too loudly and like some grotesquery, I couldn’t un-hear it or even tune it out. I went back and found at least part of the clip (take your pick, either will do):

Is he demented? Does he always ramble in such an incoherent fashion? I don’t understand. Why is he bragging about wasting water and electricity? Why is he even talking about gasoline like he’s EVER pumped a gallon in his life, or a dishwasher? Does he know in which room of the house it’s usually installed? And incandescent light bulbs? Yeah, I really want to go back to plain old incandescent light bulbs because I love climbing up on a ladder every couple of months to change them.

But I’m serious; as a physician, this has to be some organic brain syndrome, doesn’t it? As much as I’d hate to even voice the thought, should’t the Vice President be taking over as he’s clearly not competent? Or has he always been this ridiculous? And if he has always been this disjointed and incoherent, how, in God’s name, is he the President?

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