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I added a poll to the page and would love to hear your opinions. It shouldn’t take more than, say, 10 seconds to answer the question. The image below is a “community table”, or a table in restaurant that seats at least 10 people. The poll is simple; do you like community tables in your restaurants or not? I really appreciate the tables

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The community table is ok as long as there are booths or smaller tables available as well. Sometimes, you just want some privacy.

I agree and, personally, I like a good mix of seating options. Did you vote on the poll? If you’re looking at it on a phone, the poll is way at the bottom. On a computer screen it’s just to the right.

I don’t mind a big table, but don’t cram the seats! Also great for occasions when you do have a large group going out. Black Sheep added one into their bar area when they remodeled. Just one large table, seats 10 or 12. It’s awesome for group lunch.

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